Food logistics by people for people

For more than 35 years, the Buck GmbH forwarding agency has been in business as a specialized transporter of liquid foodstuffs. We guarantee compliance with the highest demands on quality and we provide our customers with customised and high-tech transport options in the tank train segment for raw materials and finished goods. For us, hygienic design is always a top priority.


We want to be on an equal footing with our European customers and fully satisfy the demands made of us. We master the challenge we face on a daily basis: to provide the best possible and most sustained transport options. We see ourselves as the supplier of the best quality.

Transport of juice, glucose and beverage compounds

Our state-of-the-art tanker fleet is especially designed for transporting “light-coloured products” for the food industry. And this is exactly the sector in which we contribute our specialised experience and equipment. We offer sterile and low-germ transport solutions. Here, the focus is on the topic of intermediate products and complying with customer specifications.